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25W Ultra Co2 laser

Product Detail Information

* General Description

- Product Feature
Medical Product under ISO9002 Approved from EuroCERT
High Peak Power and Reliable CW Oscillating Power Output
Delicate and Precision LASER Beam Pattern
  - 100mm Handpiece Beam Spot Size 1.0mm
  - 50mm Handpiece Beam Spot Size 0.5mm
Good Optical Coherence, Reliable Pulse Quality & Human Ergonomic Design
One-Step Mode Selection with Dial Switch
Less Thermal Damage on Tissue and Shorten Terms of Skin Rejuvenation


* The Comparison Table of CO2 LASER Model




Other Mediated LASER

Oscillating Mode

CW and Ultra Pulse(10.6¥ìm)

CW, Super Pulse(10.6¥ìm)

Thermal Damage



Pulse Frequency

10 ~ 990Hz

5 ~ 100Hz

Pulse Duration TIme

0.1ms ~ 1.7ms

1.0ms ~ 1.7ms

Setting Mode Factor
(Frequency, Time)

Frequency and Pulse Duration Only
(Provide a delicate operating mode upon user's skill)

Power Only
(Frequency/Pulse Duration)

Peak Power


300 ~ 400W


Compact(W 27 x D 25 x H 100cm)

(W 42 x D 41 x H 112 cm)


Delicate One-Step Selection



-Dermatology: Pigmented Nevus,
 Black Spotl
-Plastic Surgery: Eye WrinkleCare,
 Skin Rejuvenationl
-General Surgery: Incision, Excisionl
-ENT: Tumor in ENTl
-Urology: Phimosis

-Dermatology Use Only


-Easy and Delicate Functionality for User
-Quick Response time by One-Step mode
-Suitable Application LASER to Various
 skin diseases
-Fine Optical Coherence, Stable Pulse
 Mode Quality
-Minimized Skin Thermal Damage to a
-Suitable LASER for Delicate Operation
-Equivalent Incision Mode at Pulse Mode
 as CW
-Good Coagulation at Surgical Operation
-Shorten Skin Rejuvenation Terms
-Optimized Pulse Signal Processing

-Fixed Selection Mode
-Limited Application
-Unstable CW & Pulse Power
-Weak Peak Power and Pulse
-Complicated Functionality
-Blocked Signal Processing


* General Specifications

1. Technical Specificatons
- Dimension : 27(W) X 25(L) X 100(H)cm
- Weight : 35kg
- Max. Weight : 45kg
- Wavelength : 10,600nm(10.6¥ìm)
- Pulse Frequency : 10 ~ 990Hz
- Pulse Duration : 0.1 ~ 1.7ms
- Peak Power : 800W
- Max. Power : 25W(1 ~ 25W; CW Mode)
- Power Capacity : 200~240VAC/50~60Hz, 650VA
2. Packages
- Main Unit: 1 Asy'
- 7 Joint-Articulated Delivery Arm: 1 EA
- Hand Piece: 50mm & 100mm each 1EA
- Eye Protect Goggle: 1 EA
- Foot Switch: 1 EA
- Power Cable: 1 EA
- User Manual: 1 EA

Product Detail Image

SNJ-1000N Control Panel.jpg


SNJ-1000N back.jpg

SNJ-1000N Side.jpg